Quick Tips For Natural Weight Loss

Natural weight loss regimes are by far the most successful, particularly at keeping the weight off once it's off. What defines a natural weight loss program from an un-natural program is simple. You naturally begin to lose weight when you consume less calories that your burn. So a program of good nutrition with whole foods that are low in calories (ie: fruits, vegetables, legumes, beans, fish and lean meats if you are a meat eater), along with a gentle exercise program will naturally make you lose weight without too much effort. You can also take natural products like diet herbs, dietary supplements and weight loss vitamins to help with fat burning, digestion and general weight loss.

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In this article we discuss the basics of a natural weight loss program, that if you start just one of them each day, you will begin to see the benefits within a few days.

Keep a balanced approach to life. Everything in moderation. It's been said so many times before and can't be overemphasized enough. Eating, exercising, sleeping, meditating or getting quality me time, drinking, and even stressful projects should be kept in balance with one another so you have a coping mechanism for your modern life style that doesn't drive you to over compensate for stress by going out of balance in any given area.

Stress is one of the major causes of weight gain. Whether it's chemical toxic stress on the body or emotional stress or even physical stress, if we don't have balance in life we lose our ability to cope and head for the fridge and couch which can lead to weight gain. So begin to balance out your plate, your lifestyle, your sleeping hours, your active hours. Make sure if you have a stressful job or situation that you balance it out with some quality me time each day, even if it is taking little longer in the shower to get some peace of mind. You can do that at least.

Eat the right foods. It's amazing how many people think they have a healthy diet, but when put under the microscope they are consuming excessive processed foods that contain chemicals. The more chemicals we eat the more the body works to protect your vital organs from them by storing them in guess what? FAT! Aim for each of your plates of food to be 80% raw (not cooked or processed). Your cooked portions of food should be made up of lean meats and fish or if you are a vegetarian legumes, beans and whole grains.

When you heat foods, you lose the enzymes which help you digest the food so your body doesn't have to work hard. By eating raw you'll also find that the calorie content of your food is a lot lower but higher in nutrition. When your body if filled with nutrition, you crave less junk foods.

Be Active. If you have a busy job that takes up a lot of hours, be sure to balance that out with at least an hour's worth of gentle exercise every day. This may require discipline at first, but once you get into the groove the great feelings you are rewarded with, along with a fit body will encourage you to keep going. Don't take short cuts either. Take the stairs, leap up the first few steps, park your car at the far end of the mall so you have a longer walk to get there. Elevate your heart rate throughout the day with these types of activities. Little things like that can go a long way to increasing your daily activity and burning more calories.

Drink pure un-chemical treated water at least 8-10 glasses per day when you are trying to lose weight. Spring water is best. Remember the body stores chemicals it gets overloaded with in fat. So you don't want to be drinking high volumes of tap water or chemical treated water. Filtered water will do if you can't get hold of spring water. Not all filters take out fluoride, which can act as Thyroid inhibitor. Interestingly enough the obesity epidemic began to appear after several years of fluoride being introduced to our drinking water.

Staying hydrated is necessary. It keeps our body clean and helps flush out toxins and fat we are releasing through diet and exercise.

Begin these very easy changes in your lifestyle, even if it's just one per day, to help you get into the best shape of your life and maintain a healthy lifestyle. And when you are ready for faster weight loss you can look to some of the healthy natural weight loss products on the market to stimulate further weight loss.

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