Three of the Most Common Weight Loss Diet Myths

The United States is stuck in a paradox - it is one of the most obese nations in the world, and yet, the entire nation seems to be fascinated and obsessed with weight loss. Myths about losing weight abound, and it is difficult to pick out what's true about losing weight, and what can be ignored.

Weight loss isn't always easy with all of these rumors flying around. Some will even work against you if you're not careful. Here are three popular beliefs that are completely untrue.

#1 - There are "magic foods" that will burn fat and make you lose weight rapidly.

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Some people swear by eating only cabbage soup, or grapefruit, or parsnips, or some other "miracle" or "magic" food that made them lose a lot of weight. Certainly, that may be true, but not because of a particular food being eaten constantly - there are no foods that are capable of burning fat. It's far more likely that the person, by switching to a single food source, cut way down on their calories, expending far more than consumed, and lost weight.

Certainly, it works...but it's only temporary. As soon as they start integrating other foods back into their diet, they might not be so careful about their caloric intake, and will be back on the up-side of yo-yo dieting. Additionally, by limiting your food source to just one or two "fat burning" foods, you would be depriving yourself of important nutrition which can endanger your health.

#2 - Eating after 8 (or 9, or 10) causes weight gain.

If this were true, every single person who worked 2nd and 3rd shifts would be overweight! When it comes to weight loss, your body doesn't care what time you eat, but it does care about what you eat, and how many calories you get as opposed to how many you put out in a day. The fewer calories you're taking in, and the more you're expending, the more weight you will lose.

#3 - Weight lifting leads to weight gain and bulking up - you can't lose weight on strength-training.

The truth is, muscle burns more calories than fat does, and if you're building muscle, that means you'll be burning more calories even when you're at rest. Bulking up requires a specific, intense strength regimen that builds on muscles that have the potential to be bulked up. In other words, if you're not born with bulky potential, you won't bulk up even if you follow specific regimen for bulking up. True weight loss can be made possible through strength-training. Adding a strength-training workout to your regular cardio routine can help your metabolism increase, and won't bulk you up in the slightest.

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